Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Trends We Noticed - May 2018

This is our monthly update to our extended Association for Creative Industries (AFCI); a more focused lens directed on what is topical and trending.
Each month I ask a group made up of designers, educators, authors and others to share their observations of trends that relate to our industry. I assemble the content and share it via my blog and through the AFCI membership email. 

Here are our latest observations:

“I always find it so interesting to read everyone’s observations when I prepare this report.  Several of us always see similar trends. 
My social media feed is filled with acrylic pouring and resin pouring techniques.  It seems like everyone wants to pour a lot of paint onto canvas to see what happens next.  The good news is that the same people pouring paint are starting to come up with some good uses for all the paint that just pools off the canvas and would need to be thrown away.
Extreme glitter is also appearing on non-traditional surfaces.  Why can’t we have a gold glitter backsplash in a kitchen? 
Embroidery hoops are being used more to frame than as a tool to sew with.  I love their simple circular shape. 
Simple semi-precious stone projects are appearing everywhere too.  I see single stones and rough pieces everywhere. 
The painting on rocks fad is not going away either.  Even I looked at some beach stones and decided I might like to try a few painting techniques too.  Some artists and painting positive and healing words on rocks and leaving them in places people will discover by happy accident. 
Succulents are still everywhere, but the classic cactus three-prong shape is starting to become even more popular.  Who knew prickly shapes would be so loved? 
Last, but not least, aromatherapy and the essential oils movement is not just in health stores anymore.  Adding oils to jewelry and wearables allows you to keep your favorite scents at hand throughout the day. “
Carmi Cimicata
Marketing Manager for John Bead Corp. and ILOVERESIN.com

“The 'cold shoulder' look for women is everywhere!  While I would have guessed the open shoulder would have been a nighttime look only, I am seeing it in outfits for daywear and the office.”
Katherine Swift
Owner, Resin Obsession, LLC

“Llamas! Yup!  The domesticated pack animal of the camel family found in the Andes and valued for its soft woolly fleece is popping up everywhere! On mugs, tea towels, on pillows. Not sure how well this one will take off, but it's certainly heading down the runway!”
Joe Rotella
Delphia Consulting  and Create N Craft

“I'm still seeing a lot of acrylic chain and links, like tortoise links.
I'm also seeing what I'd call "animal revival"--anything that's animals used in jewelry.”
Candie Cooper
Author and Designer

“Unicorns are everywhere, but I especially notice how they have taken over the party decor category - invitations, cakes, paper plates, crowns with horns, rainbow cupcakes and streamers. Eyelashes and a floral crown with a horn are sometimes all you need to know that the theme is Unicorns.”
Kelly Panacci
Art Licensor and Founder of Kelly Panacci Inc.

“A trip to Nordstrom again confirmed that tassels are still a huge trend in jewelry and purses and that they are prominently made from seed beads as well as threads and fibers.
Lucite is big again for spring and bright colors are a go!”
Suze Weinberg

“Llamas, llamas and more Llamas are growing hotter by the minute. Succulents and cacti are making another comeback.
Creative textiles, embroidery and macramé are making headlines in home decor, fashion and craft. We still can’t get enough of tassels and pompoms. It’s an obsession these days.
Finally, if you are feeling nostalgic, travel back to the 80s. Checkerboard, crazy geometrics, zig zags and brights, are making waves.”
Lisa Kettell
Chief Designer for LK Designs

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