Sunday, February 12, 2017

Washi Tape and Resin Jewelry

These new bezels feature the most delightful imagery!

At Michaels this week I stumbled across a new line of products from an artist named Jane Davenport.

There were several collections of washi tape in her product line and I picked up two of them.

I work for John Bead Corp and lucky for me they have several bezel collections.  
I like working in both the deep and shallow bezels.

The washi tape is in various widths.  I collaged the imagery I liked into the openings.

This is how my bezels looked when I was finished working with the washi tape.
What you do not see is that I applied a layer of Mod Podge to seal everything into place.
I let that dry overnight.

I always like to have some glitter or metallic in my resin pieces.  
For this project I used thin lines of gold stickers.
Then I made a batch of Resin Obsession Super Clear resin to pour into my openings.

Something which I do, which is an extra step, is that I usually do two separate resin pours.
Pour one only partially fills each bezel opening.  This way I can be sure that everything cures beautifully and add something extra if it does not.

When the first cure was solid (one day later) I added some extra marker lines and dots.  This just adds some extra dimension to my pieces and these markings appear to float.
Then I mixed my second batch of resin and filled everything to the brim.

I love them!
I may do a third pour to create a dome on each piece.  
For now, they are ready to wear.

This post written, designed and photographed by Carmi Cimicata. 
Do not repost any part of it without permission.

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