Friday, November 25, 2016

Multi Color Resin Swirl Baubles - Part Two

My multi color swirl necklace is now strung and ready to wear!

In Part One of this project post I showed you how my resin baubles 
looked after I sanded away the edges.  
The sanding marks make them look very unfinished.

The easiest technique to make the edges look clear again 
is also the one that takes the longest.

Over several days I make small batches of resin which I brush carefully onto the edges.  Since I can't do all the sides at once, I prop the baubles on their side and turn them as the resin cures.  
I call this a glaze layer of resin.  The edges immediately become clear and gorgeous.

When my sides looked perfect again I simply drilled some holes into my pieces with my dremel.

There are many ways to string!  
I choose to over-embellish 
so I used gorgeous enameled beads, gold spacer bails and a simple clasp.

This post written, designed and photographed by Carmi Cimicata. 
Please do not repost any part of it without permission.
Anonymous said...

Maybe you could drill the hole and hang them from a string before glazing the edges. That way you could glaze all the way around in one turn.

Jade said...

I have a question about using resin to glaze, as you seem to do often. First, it looks like you use regular paintbrushes- do you have a way of cleaning them for reuse, or are they getting thrown out after? Second, I tried painting a glaze coat on some cabochons but it beaded up and just did not work. I was using Amazing Clear Cast, and I'm wondering if it has too high a surface tension? Do you think I'd have better luck with Envirotex Lite or Jewelry Resin? Thanks for your time, I love the blog! So many inspirations and ideas to try!

Carmi Cimicata said...

Jade, I don't even try to clean the brushes. Mission impossible. So I buy them at the dollar store and try to use them when I have a couple of glaze projects. The best tip I have if you are glazing a non flat surface is to let your resin rest for 20+ minutes so it really thickens. It will cling better to the surface you brush it on. My table always has 5-6 projects in various stages so the resin all gets used.

Mary Moore said...

New to this site and I love it!

I use a couple of brushes dedicated only to my resin work. What I find cleans them quite well is Gamsol. You can buy it at art stores.


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