Friday, April 8, 2016

Duplicating a Handcrafted Ring With Resin

This is a project I have wanted to share for some time.
My fabulous necklace would not have been possible without the inspiration I received from the ring you see in this picture.

I have always loved jewelry "sets" and creating 
one myself was easy to achieve by making a unique mold.

The original ring was handcrafted by jeweler Kendra Simmons.  
It is a collage of precious metals and stones.  
She used part of an antique french buckle circa 1830 for the ring.  
It is ormolu silver with garnets.
To say that I am crazy about this ring is an understatement!

I approached Kendra and asked her how she would feel about me making a mold of her ring.
This is something I never would have done had I not received her consent.  
Although the items used are vintage, the design and bench work required were all Kendra's work.

Silicone putty is easily purchased and this type of mold making material is fast and easy to work with.  I have a link here to many mold making products on Amazon.  

I have also shown you many times right here on this blog how to make molds.

My mold was made in under 30 minutes and allowed to "rest for 24 hours before I used it.  

Since I knew I would need to color my finished items it didn't matter what color resin I poured into my mold.  I have so many projects happening right now that I simply poured any leftover resin into my ring mold.  I always make 3-4 samples in a new mold.

With my original ring close by as a reference, I began to colour my resin using metallic rub ons.  

This took several days as I reviewed the colour build up and continued to add highlights.
I also did a protective spray coating of resin spray to seal the rub on permanently.

I set my finished and colored pieces into bezel blanks to see which look I liked.  
Then, I drilled into my resin so I could set my crystals.  I almost stopped here because my crystals were larger than the originals.  However, to make the necklace look slightly different than the ring I decided this was okay.

Drilling into resin is quick and easy.  You can use a hand drill or dremel.  It goes very quickly.

In the end, this was the bezel setting I loved the most.
I added a unique crystal chain to make it wearable.

I have two extra pendants I can still string.
Mold making is such a fantastic part of resin experimentation.
I hope this step by step encourages you to make your own molds too.

This post written, designed and photographed by Carmi Cimicata. Please do not repost any part of it without permission.

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