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Trends We Are Noticing - January 2016!

Trends We Are Noticing For the Craft & Hobby Association January 2016

This is my monthly update to our extended Craft & Hobby Association (CHA) family; a more focused lens directed on what is topical and trending.

Each month I ask a group made up of designers, educators, authors and others to share their observations of trends that relate to our industry. I assemble the content and share it via my blog and through the CHA membership email.  

Here is my submission:

“Weaving.  (Traditional fibre weaving and new and improved bead weaving.)  This is what I am seeing everywhere.  I am happy because I personally declared 2016 as the year I immerse myself into learning how to spin wool.  Weaving will be something I can do with artisanal yarns and at the CHA mega show this month I saw several new weaving looms that will help me to get started.  Incorporating new and old fibres with beads will be exciting.  The number of new looms being introduced indicates that many others feel the same way.”
Carmi Cimicata
Social Media Manager for John Bead Corp and

Here are the trends everyone else noticed:

"Makers" have become part of our culture. Some traditional Crafters are now calling themselves "Makers" and folks who would not identify themselves as Crafters are proudly calling themselves Makers. Makers focus on DIY projects, typically creating something functional from other items - including repurposing and up cycling. Makers tend to be a little more engineering-oriented, and may incorporate 3-D printing and the use of CNC tools (like electronic cutting machines), as well as more traditional activities such as metalworking, woodworking, As this culture continues to grow, you'll see more advanced tools on the market and more people bringing them in to their homes - everything from small laser cutters to micro power tools.
Joe Rotella
CMO (Delphia Consulting),Founder (Create N Craft), Overall Crafty Guy

“I am noticing that people are using resin to make things for the home.  Decorative trays, tiles and kitchen items are a few of the things I have talked to customers about making.”
Katherine Swift
Owner, Resin Obsession, LLC

“Is it me, or am I seeing watercolor illustration everywhere? Even on chocolates.  Love it!  Especially with touches of solid gold paint.”
Candie Cooper
Author and Designer

“I’m noticing a lot more faux sculpture like paper mache and foam heads, animals, shapes. This has been growing for a while. As a glitter manufacturer we love to see this type of thing.
We’re definitely noticing a trend towards folks crafting more and more home décor pieces (in keeping with the above). People seem to be diverting their paper arts skills to creating both holiday specific and more generic themed home decorations, often with distressed or mixed media flair.
Beautiful, clear jewel tones! From beads to yarns to papers to inks and paints this year seems to be full of clear, clean, bold jewel tones. Loved the bursts of color everywhere at the CHA mega show this year.”
Laura J Weed
Graphics Manager, Social Media Marketing Manager, Website Administrator, Design Team Manager for Stampendous
“Quilts are moving from the bed to the wall. In 2016 we'll see more modern quilts in geometric patterns taking a main stage in living areas of the home. They can be colorful, subdued or abstract and have a lux hand made quality about them. It's so nice to see a hand crafted element as the newest trend in wall decor.”
Kelly Panacci
Art Licensor and Founder of Kelly Panacci Inc.

“Home Decor Trends - The Bohemian look is still going strong. Fiber art is everywhere! From simple yarn pompoms or tassels to more involved woven works. Texture is also a continuing trend with mixes of fur, sisal, wood and sleek metal all in one room. In fact, the more texture the better. And of course, thanks to Pantone's color of the year, blue and pink are quickly becoming home decor colors. Don't just stick with Pantone's hues though; mix it up with a variation of colors. “
Vicki O'Dell
The Creative Goddess

“After having the pleasure of demoing the Tropical Punch Lucite line for the John Bead Corp at the CHA show I was overjoyed to see several pieces of Lucite jewelry for spring in NORDSTROM and in Chico’s. Lots of Lucite chain & flower motifs. I'll bet if I'd have had time to check out the other department stores I'd have seen a lot more.  I think Lucite is going to be a big hit this spring & summer.”
Suze Weinberg
Suze Weinberg Designs

“Food and Party themes are getting even hotter in 2016. At the CHA Mega show, I saw an increase in food and party themed designs.  Books, papers, die cuts, and accents had a delicious and sweet look. Party hat animals and sweet bakery colors, rustic wine papers and cork textures.
Look for more on this theme w/food and craft parties, along with maker happy hours. Lots of art gets done when food, wine and chocolate are in the mix.”
Lisa Kettell
Chief Designer for LK Designs.

If you observe a trend and would like to submit it please send me an email at
Carmi Cimicata

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