Thursday, December 17, 2015

Crochet and other Fine Fibers Encased In Resin

These two plates are a wonderful addition to any table top.

They are a combination of glass and resin which
makes your pieces look three dimensional.

I decided to write a new step by step for this technique after getting a question from 
Jeanne Steinhilber about some resin art she discovered.  
This is an inexpensive way to get a similar look with some items you have at home.

They started as two plain clear plates I picked up at my local Big Sisters/Big Brothers thrift store and two different pieces of fiber art.

My first step was to glue and SEAL my fiber pieces to the glass plate.
Fibers need to be sealed with a glue before they come into contact with resin or they will appear stained under the resin.  Sealing is something I have discussed a lot on this blog in regards to paper.  It is the same for fiber and fabric.

I sealed my crochet two times allowing the mod podge sealer to dry completely overnight.
You need to work as neatly as possible too.  Excess glue (arrows pointing to location) on the plate will appear messy under resin.

This gold fiber work is fragile and vintage.  I glued and sealed it and added some glitter letters as well.

Then I covered both fiber pieces with about 1/4 inch of resin.  This is a deep pour, so I use EasyCast, a resin made specifically for molds and deep pours like this one.

Resin is finicky when poured over fiber.  
Even though I babysat my resin for over an hour looking for air bubbles, these areas still had bubbles appear over night and they cured permanently in place on my surface.  I was not too concerned because I knew I would be pouring a second layer of resin and could camouflage these mistakes.

Before my second layer of resin was added, I glued some dried flowers to the now cured first layer of resin on this plate.

In order to work as neatly as possible, I sealed my dried flowers with a brush and then placed it down on the resin surface.

Excess glue or flakes need to be removed or they will be encased in resin.

On my second plate I added some gold foil stickers.  I covered any air bubbles or areas I did not like from pour one of resin.

After the glue dried overnight I made a second batch of EasyCast resin and poured another layer over my second layers of inclusions on both plates.

Both plates cured beautifully!

My words of advices are:

Do not attempt a project like this on a family heirloom until you experiment several times on unimportant pieces.

Fiber is tricky.  You won't believe how many air bubbles it will release even an hour after pouring resin over it.

This post written, designed and photographed by Carmi Cimicata. 
Please do not repost any part of it without permission.

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