Monday, July 27, 2015

Nunn Design Open Frames With Resin

 I hope you like my colorful resin components necklace.  It give me the most interesting colorful shadows in my studio when I hold it up to a window.

You can't imagine the excitement of opening mail from Nunn Design.  
Seeing the latest collection is always a thrill.  This current group is just gorgeous and if you leave a nice comment (with a name) you could win your own set from me because Nunn Design sent me two sets.  For this project I was drawn to the open frames.

 When you work in an open frame component you need to find a way to keep resin from seeping out of the bottom of your component.  Simply setting it down on a flat surface isn't enough.
 You can see my open frames are sitting on a pinkish background.  It is "Wonder Tape" from Ranger Ink and you would better understand it if I simply say it is a sheet of super strong double sided tape.
I peel away one side of the tape and place my open frames firmly into the sticky surface.
Then I pour in just enough resin to make sure the entire bottom of the frame is filled.  I try not to go higher than half the depth of the frame.
 I choose a sheet of art which was printed onto transparency film.  I wanted my frames to look like stained glass when the light hit them.
When my first pour of resin was semi cured but still very tacky (3-4 hours later) I pressed these transparency cutouts onto the surface.  This ensures they are stuck into place and I let this cure completely overnight.
The next day I poured more resin into each frame to cover the transparency and create a small dome on the surface.  I also added a few flakes of silver leaf to the surface for interest.
 This second pour of resin I allowed to cure for a full 24 hours as well.
 When I was sure my resin was cured I simply peeled my pieces away from the tape.
You can see how I have completely 
contained resin in an open frame!
There is one tiny downside though.
The tape itself (the sticky glue) will peel with the resin, so the back is now sticky.  It is hard to remove that surface stickiness so I always paint a layer of additional resin across the back to smooth it all out.  This is one extra step and another full day of cure time, but it is worth it.
Creating the final wearable is the fun part.  Once again, Jesse James beads to the rescue.
Their unique strands are already designer selected so really, all I needed to do was choose the order of my bezels.

 I can wear my necklace with all the bits of silver leaf on the backside.

Or I can reverse it and wear it with the silver leaf showing!

I hope you enjoyed this post.
Thank you again to Nunn Design for my components and
Jesse James for my unique bead strand.

If you would like to win the latest Nuun Design Collection, do leave a nice comment here on this post.  I will ship to anywhere in the USA or Canada only.

DRAW - Monday August 3, 2015

This post written, designed and photographed by Carmi Cimicata. 
Please do not repost any part of it without permission.
S. Witch said...

Great tutorial! I've been struggling with open back bezels recently and this is quite helpful

Carmi Cimicata said...

Thank you S. Witch!

Regina Abdalla Medeiros said...

Thank you so much for the very helpful post Carmi. Congrats on your work. Your jewelry is impecably beautiful!!!

Carmi Cimicata said...

Thank you Regina.

Monisima said...

Thank you, very special your note.

Janet Bott said...

I’m just about to start experimenting with open back bezels.
Resin has been big part of my life for a few years and I stumbled on your blog via Pinterest. soooo glad I did!
I’m off to do some buying so I can play. Pretty sure I’ve got some of that sticky backed tape in a sheeet here which will make things simpler. Fab tip with the extra coat of resin on the back to eliminate the stickyness too! Thanks :)

Brisbane, Australia.
The Resin Rainbow..

Jessica Cloud said...

I love your work!!!! Absolutely stunning! I have the resin components but am too scared to start!!!

florence g said...

I am new to this working with resin and your work looks very creative,
and is an inspiration to me, especially with your technique with open bezels.

Sarah Miller said...

This is so great! I've just discovered your blog and you make beautiful things! Thank you!

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