Saturday, March 7, 2015

The Kissing Unicorns Necklace

This post will become my favorite,
 now that I have a new necklace to show off featuring unicorns.
My project begins with an idea to make a mold out of two unicorn magnets I have.

This short video shows you how I made the first mold of my unicorns.

Here are some of the duplicate unicorns I made by pouring resin into my new mold.

Then I had a BRAINWAVE!!

With some resin clay I joined two unicorns in three strategic locations.
Then I made a second unicorn mold with silicone rubber.

Now I have one piece of resin to pop out of the mold!

A little sanding makes this new pendant perfect.

The kissing unicorns are now super easy to add to jewely!

Do you like?

I have links to silicone rubber on the sidebar if you want to know where you can purchase some.

This post written, designed and photographed by Carmi Cimicata.
Please do not repost any part of it without permission.
Heather - said...

Very cool. I watched the mold-making video twice! :)

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