Sunday, February 22, 2015

For The Love of Resin 2015 Collaboration Post Six

For The Love of Resin 2015 Collaboration

Over the Christmas holidays I sent two of these heart shaped bezels to 25 artists.

I am thrilled to show you what they returned to me.

One heart was for each artist to keep 
and one was to work in and send back to me as a finished project.

There were no rules.  Just a return deadline.

They were simply asked to use any resin or resin clay they liked for their submission.
 Artist:  Lisa Menou

This heart is called "Love Soars."
Lisa began her project by painting her bezel with Pebeo English Red paint.  She added glitter to her resin and poured in a first thin layer.  This was followed by a watercolour transfer she made on her printer with an Etsy purchased design.  She noted a smudge happened (even though she coated the paper twice,) but you won't notice it.  She used twinkling H20s to add colour to the black swirl lines.  This she covered with another thin layer of resin.  At this point she added that stunning dichroic gem. The wings look like glass but they are coloured and painted with resin chipboard.  Even the back of the wings are a gorgeous metallic color!  Can you believe how much she did with such a small component!  Imagine if I had sent out an 8 x 10 frame!
Artist:  Renée Milner 

I had to show you the front and the side of this heart so you can see how built up it is.  This is why I so enjoy all these new resin clays.  They allow you to work three dimensionally with ease.  Renée added so many little gems to her heart.  The tiny jar is filled with glitter and I hope you can see an arrow has pierced the cork stopper.   There are beads embedded throughout and a very cleverly positioned 'love" is wrapped around it all.  Even the heart bezel itself was framed with red paint.

Artist:  Donna Duff

I was so happy to see this heart from Donna.  It was difficult to photograph and I was anxious for you to see that the black imagery is not paper.  Donna placed red cardstock into her heart and then added vintage black lace.  The two combined to make such an eye catching pattern.  She also added a silver wire rose which makes this a charm to include on any sentimental bracelet you would make.

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This post written, designed and photographed by Carmi Cimicata. Please do not repost any part of it without permission.
Diana Balot Frank said...

I love them all. The black lace one reminds me of Debby Harry for some reason. The 3-D design is fantastic. I love the arrow piercing the bottle.Love Soars is mesmerizing.

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