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For The Love of Resin 2015 Collaboration Post Four

For The Love of Resin 2015 Collaboration Post Four
Over the Christmas holidays I sent two of these heart shaped bezels to 25 artists.  I am thrilled to show you what they returned to me in this blog series.
One heart was for each artist to keep 
and one was to work in and send back to me as a finished project.  

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Artist:  Anette Rohlehr

I wish you could see the lovely card that accompanied Anette's submission.  Tiny portions of everything she used are attached to it along with a description.  This is how I know she used resin clay as her base and she stamped a cherry blossom image into it.  Pearl-Ex apple green gave her this gorgeous colour.  Three colours of microbeads & german glass glitter were pressed into place along with butterflies punched from Fantasy Film.  Magic-Glos UV resin sealed it all!

Artist:  Diana Frank

Blue cup chain, brass bead cap and a salmon coloured flower are also shown against brown glitter paper.  Diana's tiny heart is just chock full of everything that makes a resin project so great.  You can see that she filled her heart with resin which is keeping everything in place.  The flower is only partially submerged and it made me think about a warm day by a lake.

 Artist:  Angela Campbell

Angela chose this collaboration as an opportunity to experiment with polymer clay.  My picture captured her clay and it's texture which she embedded in resin.  She was hoping we would see more of the details and I have a feeling she is not done experimenting with these two mediums.  The best part was the addition of the micro beads.  Suddenly all you can think is "I see a computer chip."
Artist:  Mary Barlog

At first glance I bet you see a gorgeous paper pattern covered in resin.
Look again and you will see Dr. Who has arrived in Mary's studio.
I love how Mary's note to me simply says "I am obsessed with Dr. Who."
I am glad she is because I never would have thought to consider using a kaleidoscope image under resin.

This post written, designed and photographed by Carmi Cimicata. Please do not repost any part of it without permission.

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Eileen The Artful Crafter said...

the varied interpretations of the same heart bezels are simply inspiting. Do many different approaches, techniques and media. The embossed clay under resin is so unique and lovely. These are all wonderful!