Thursday, February 12, 2015

For The Love of Resin 2015 Collaboration Post Two

For The Love of Resin 2015 Collaboration Post Two

Over the Christmas holidays I sent two of these heart shaped bezels to 25 artists.  I am thrilled to show you what they returned to me in this blog series.

One heart was for each artist to keep 
and one was to work in and send back to me as a finished project.  
There were no rules.  Just a return deadline.  They were simply asked to use any resin or resin clay they liked for their submission.

Post One of this series linked here.

Artist:  Michelle Frae Cummings

Michelle has participated in several of my collaborations.  She actively hosts them as well, so I was so pleased when she volunteered to join this one.  Her heart has wings!  Her charm elements are all set in hot pink glittered resin clay.  You might be able to see the dotted frame she pressed into the clay to highlight the heart.  You would not believe how solid this piece is.  The clay is keeping those wings firmly in place.

Artist:  Eileen Bergen
The Artful Crafter

Eileen sent in her wire wrapped note warning me she was just a "beginner."  Her heart is well beyond beginner status to me.  She has replicated the look of rose quartz and beautifully wire wrapped this heart into a spectacular pendant.  She has a step by step of this project on her blog.
Eileen also posted a tutorial on her blog explaining her wire wrapping technique which I have linked here.

Artist:  Kat Baker

Kat's heart made me stop to count my blessings.  I am so happy to showcase this submission which clearly has some gorgeous elements around one tiny but powerful word.  If you were holding this heart in your hand, I am sure that like me, you would be wondering how in the heck she created such a lush patinaed background.  It looks like she peeled it right off an old copper pot.

Artist:  Carol Briody

There are artists in my life who I only know through their participation in my collaborations.  I am certain Carole and I have a lot in common because she works like I do.  Her submission is called
"Love & Hurry Spring!"  In it I see Japanese paper, suspened paper flowers and glitter glue edging.  She even managed to add a tiny hammered silver wire heart.  It really is spring in a tiny heart!

Artist Joelle Platz

I am showing Joelle's heart in two pictures.  When I opened her submission I assumed the little cage was permanently embedded.  Happily, it sits on top of her heart making the words "the window of my heart" easy to see and read.  It took three different alcohol inks to create that stunning purple colour.  The blended final colour is so regal.  The silk ribbon was added so it could be easily attached to a bracelet or worn as one right away.

Artist Carla Collier

Carla is today's special spotlighted heart.  I am sure you all agreeing that this submission needs extra recognition.  In her own words "so as I sat at my craft table, pondering what I wanted to do on this project, holding and looking at these cute little heart bezels, the light bulb went on.  I'll use jewelry clay and bond them both together.  Much like two lover's hearts being bound together."
The project took her over a week to complete.  The placing of her adornments occurred first and then over several days she poured in tiny amounts of resin.  All her embellishments look like they are suspended in water.  There were trials and tribulations as she taught herself new techniques to wrap two bezels together.  I think it turned out brilliant and in the future I can't imagine working in one bezel without contemplating if I could join two together like Carla did.

The hearts are easy to order online.  I have a link here.

This post written, designed and photographed by Carmi Cimicata. Please do not repost any part of it without permission.


Renee M said...

Great projects--I really enjoy seeing everyone's creative use of the same bezel!

Unknown said...

I'm always honored to be a part of Carmi's collaborations! And it's always exciting to see what other very talented artists come up with! THANK YOU CARMI ... for letting me participate!

Diana Balot Frank said...

These artists really challenge me to try new things. Wire wrapping is very intimidating to me and using fabric/ribbon is also something I've been wanting to try. Wonderful work!

Eileen The Artful Crafter said...

Carla's two bound hearts bezel is awesome. The window of my heart is very clever and au courant in style - love it! I wish Kat would stop by and share how she got that gorgeous patina. That you for your kind words, Carmi, and for letting me participate!