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Step by Step Klik Necklace Workshop from the Craft and Hobby Show

Create Klik© Repeat
Sunday January 11, 2015
Difficulty: Beginner Class With Carmi Cimicata
Your personal touch is “just a Klik© away” with the Metal Complex’s new product range cleverly titled “Klik©.” Sensational new looks can be created and then modified with interchangeable jewelry. In this workshop, resin diva and designer Carmi Cimicata will teach how to add your own flair to blank bezel snaps, which can be filled with resin, epoxy, beads and more. Create unique and coordinated jewelry that’s trendy and versatile with an incredible added value.
John Bead’s Creative Manager Fernando DaSilva inspired this workshop.  He created the unique Klik© necklace featured on our newest publication.  When I asked him for recommendations for colours (because we have thousands of beads to choose from for the class he said “you should use the colours of Andy Warhol,” and so I have.
The project comes to life with several types of specialty beads; The Pip©,  Piggy©, Pony and Magatama beads from Preciosa.  The Klik© components are from a larger selection of interchangeable option.   Our project will result in a necklace + earrings set.
Using the manufacturers’ instructions we made up our resin clay.  Note that I did not overfill my bezels.  These Klik© Snap Base w/Bezels in two sizes are exclusive to Metal Complex.
There are several ways to fill your bezels.   This is how I add Piggy© beads.
If you want the effect of a closed and full flower you’ll be able to press all your Piggy©beads inwards.
I did a final press on each bezel to make sure everything was embedded into the clay nicely.
You can achieve a more open flower by placing your Piggy© beads this way.
The Pip© beads I used as edge additions and for the middle of the flower.
The resin clay is air curing and permanent.  I always clean away any fingerprints I may have made on the Klik© components before setting them aside to cure overnight.
I added some beads with jump rings to the Klik© necklace component.  I realized it was best to only do the bottom half or the top beads will cover my flower when I wear the necklace.
The longer beads are called Magatama.  They look gorgeous dangled.
The student projects turned out even better than my sample!
This post was written and originally appeared on the John Bead and Metal Complex Blogs.
This post written, designed and photographed by Carmi Cimicata. Please do not repost any part of it without permission.

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Eileen Bergen said...

Piggy beads - what a funny name. They look like candy to me and so does your delightful necklace.. Thanks for sharing it here for those of us who couldn't be a CHA ;-(