Monday, April 14, 2014

Easter Resin - And Another Great Tip!

 These sweet bunnies with their matching carrots are another example of what you can create with a greeting card.
 This project uses this greeting card, a group of silver bezels, a one inch hole punch and a Xyron sticker maker.
 Once I punch out my one inch circles I run them through the sticker maker.
 This way I know my paper imagery is firmly affixed in my bezel.
 I always seal my paper with three different applications of a decoupage glue.  You can see here that I paint on the medium and then allow it to thoroughly dry before painting on another layer.  Sealing paper imagery is something I do at least 24 hours before I pour resin over paper.  You want to be absolutely sure that your glue is 100% dry.
Now I make a batch of Jewelry Resin.
This is where my GREAT TIP comes in!
When you work in a very shallow bezel like the ones I chose for this project, the possibility of an over-pour is high.  (You know, resin pools out of your bezel and you can't stop it.)
So here is what I do.
I make my resin and let it sit in the cup until it thickens up.  This could take 25 minutes sometimes longer.  I check it with a popsicle stick and when it is very thick I pour it.
See, the resin is in the bezel and not running over the shallow edges.  My finished pieces are gorgeous and clear and I didn't have to cut away excess resin.

This post was designed, photographed and written by me.

It appeared on Resin Crafts Blog.
TesoriTrovati said...

A sticker maker! I have one of those, a bit bigger than yours, and have never once used it. Shameful the amount of supplies and tools that I have that have never been used! I like this tip and might have to try it. I was thinking that maybe if you made the sticker, then added clear packing tape over the top and then cut it out with the circle cutter, that might eliminate a step? I really hate the sealing paper step even though it is a necessary evil. ;-) And I have always let my resin sit a bit longer. I like working with the thicker stuff. I am working on making some magnetic Dots for my new jewelry line that take off where my pocket watch started. I made a prototype and everyone loves it! Faux opal, here I come! Enjoy the day, Miss Carmi. And Happy Easter! Erin

Carmi Cimicata said...

The best part is that it is a dry adhesive, so I don't worry about moisture being trapped. One fast for your idea of then adding clear packing tape...tried it and didn't the resin seep in from the side still. Nothing beats the decoupage. Do send us a link to your new projects so I can repost if I don't catch it in my newsfeed!

Ava Gavloski said...

thanks for that tip, sure appreciate hearing about experienced tested tips!!!

Barbara Masterson said...

How do you remove bubbles from something this size, please?

Carmi Cimicata said...

My first choice has always been to pass a lighter flame quickly over the surface of my resin. That gets rid of all the bubbles quickly. A little "huff" of your own hot breath will get rid of them too.

Renee M said...

These bunny bezels are adorable! Thanks for the tip about allowing the resin to thicken--I didn't realize you could leave it that long before using it--that's great. Am looking forward to seeing what you make with the bunny bezels :)

Paper Diva said...

I, too, REALLY appreciated the tip about letting the resin set for a bit... Thanks so very much for sharing with us!

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