Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Building an Art Brooch with Jewelry Clay - Part One

 This is a three part special blog series that shares with you some of the ways resin clay has changed the way I create wearable art.  The picture above shows you a group of items on my table that I feel might work together.  The question is how.  
How can I join everything and still make it feel and look as though it has been soldered by a jeweler?
 A few weeks ago I showed you how I made a mold of this doll half shape.  I love my resin duplicates from this new mold.
 Originally I had silver accents on the molded doll but after seeing it placed on the vintage brass component, I decided to add gold metallic wax instead.  I can change colours dozens of time during this stage of the planning.
 I started to narrow my selection of items that needed to be attached.
You can see here that I used Jewelry Clay in strategic locations and at various heights to attach my selected embellishments.
Anywhere I used Jewelry Clay I now cover with gold Pearl Ex.  The clay is not really going to be seen, but if you were to see this piece from a side angle, the white clay would be visible.  I will leave all of this to cure over night now.

Building an Art Brooch with Jewelry Clay - Part One

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These posts were designed, photographed and written by me.
It appeared on Resin Crafts Blog.

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