Monday, March 31, 2014

Containing Resin With Bezel Wire - Part THREE

 I finished my two new bezel wire projects!  
I just can't wait to wear them, so I spent yesterday afternoon selecting the right necklace components.  Queen Elizabeth is now on a kumihimo braid I made earlier this winter.
 My collage edelweiss piece is on a slightly more complicated necklace.
 The Part Two post explained how I did a final doming pour of resin to ensure that my bezel shape was filled to the brim and higher.
The finished pieces were gorgeous to look at.
The backs, however, needed some work.  When I removed the double-sided tape holding my bezel wire shape in place it left a very sticky surface.  I usually just paint a glaze layer of resin over this to make my back as perfect as the front.
 Before adding the glaze layer I went back to my original imagery and cut the title from the page to include.
I added a gold crown and the words Queen Elizabeth II to my heart shape and some gold foil horseshoes to my edelweiss piece.  I painted a glaze layer of resin over the entire surface to seal everything and I also added two silver bails as well.  The bails cure in place securely with resin.

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