Thursday, January 30, 2014

Resin Time is Anytime - Artist Submissions Group Eight

Artist:  Tammie Everly
Tammie's "Bee on Time" catches your eye with all the dashes of red in the background, the heart crystal and the bee's back.  I really like how the bee is suspended in the resin and the letter "B" medallion is sitting on the surface.
Artist:  Valerie Tilghman
Valerie titled her necklace and pendant "A Time of Reflection."  Anyone who saw this piece was so impressed with the finished design.  The necklace is gorgeous.  The pocket watch needs most of my attention though.  If you were holding it in your hand you would notice the image of a man and a child, sitting on a bench.  Val copied a photograph of her grandmother and her father for the submission.  This was added to a silver metallic backdrop.  Actual watch face hands are partially embedded into the resin.  The image is framed with silver sequins and four lovely crystals.

Artist:  Lucy Aquilina
I have looked and looked at this pocket watch.  Everything looks so real.  It is as though a miniature artists's desk was encased in resin.  The tiny sketch is brilliant.  Holding this piece on its side I had to look through the resin dome to see if the paint brush and palette are real...and I do believe they are paper, but somehow they appear dimensional.  It is a wonderful submission.  I am certain that there is not a single one like it anywhere.
Artist:  Sheila Mann
You just have to smile when you see this pocket watch.  The hints of green with the pearls are so refreshing.  It requires no words.  Sheila chose just the right amount of embellishment to frame her image and resin just highlighted the whole piece perfectly.
Artist:  Teri Calbert
The image of a peacock sitting on a peacock feather resulted in a pocket watch that has gorgeous shades of blue and green throughout.  There are tiny dots of glitter on the paper peacock feathers.  A very tiny emerald crystal sits on top of the resin.  The dangle is just gorgeous.  I don't know where Teri found those super thin feathers, they look like wool.
Artist:  Charlotte McCaig
Charlotte makes a line of jewelry called "Urban Diamonds."  She uses broken auto glass in her work. She invented a new technique for her submission she titled "Urban Drusy."  She used tumbled windshield glass which she embedded in resin clay along with glass glitter.  This was all covered in our resin.  Everyone who saw this just had to reach out to touch the glass.  It is beautifully arranged and securely embedded.  Upcycling never looked better!
Artist:  Mary Hargrave
Mary's submission is definitely a salute to time.  Her watch components float in a PERFECT resin pour.  I could not find one tiny bubble!  There is a tiny bee charm embedded as well making her inclusions look like a metallic garden.  Her finishing touch was the key dangle.
Artist:  Diana Hetherington
I am concluding this post with Diana's submission because it highlights a super sentiment; "it's a wonderful life."  Diana's pocket watch is a little harder for me to photograph because of the velvet ivory tag.  I had to include it because it finished her piece so elegantly.  Her name and address were written into the tag. The cameo is sitting on the surface of the resin but was also painted with a resin coat to hold it securely in place.

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corkpop said...

I'm so happy to see my "Urban Drusy"piece and I'm thrilled that people wanted to touch it! I'm a very tactile person and it seems to make me connect to things in a better way...glad others feel the same way.

Becky Pancake said...

I am really glad that I took the time to read this series of posts. Now I have lots of new ideas that I want to try. Thank you.

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