Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Resin Time is Anytime - Artist Submissions Group Seven

 Artist:  Lori Mendenhall
Lori's watch bezel is unlike any others in our submission collection.  It is quite mesmerizing isn' it?
The blue components just pop against the dark clay background.  A sunburst-like charm is embedded and in its centre a blue crystal.  Tiny gold beads are scattered throughout.
Artist:  Suze Weinberg
Suze's submission is now a jewel encrusted pendant.  She emailed to say she loved working with clay and you can see that this dimensional medium allowed her to attach glass leaves and flowers beautifully. She attached a bail at the bottom of the bezel so she could add numerous dangles.  She left no surface area unadorned.  Rhinestone chain covers the pocket watch edges throughout.  Red foil encased in resin is her backdrop.  
This piece I would wear to a special event.
Artist:  Erin Prias-Hintz
Erin's submission is beautiful on both sides.  She stamped the back with the quote "The butterfly counts not months, but moments, and has time enough."  Erin wrote that this quote reminded her "how fleeting time is and how we should appreciate the beauty of the moment."  She wanted her bezel to have the look of opal.  To do this she tinted Envirotex Lite with gloss black acrylic and added glitters and pewter perfect pearls.  She painted one layer in the bottom and then sprinkled mica pearls on top.  To ensure this layer was in placed permanently she encased it in a layer of clear resin.  Then she added her gears and watch hands and encased them in resin with a third pour.  Jewelry Clay was used so that her metal butterfly appears to be suspended over her piece.  
Artist:  Patricia League
I had to include the hand stamped tag and ribbons Patricia added to her watch bezel.  It adds to the vintage image perfectly.  Patricia scattered glitter around the bottom of her lady image and encased a tiny gold flower to her dress. The bezel is framed with rhinestone chain.  Would you believe this is the first time Patricia has worked with resin?  Happily, she noted that it won't be her last project!
 Artist:  Kerry Hof
Kerry painted a silver frame around her bezel.  I love how this changed the look completely.  I do not think a photograph can show you just how many layers are in this piece.  Paint is suspended and glitter foil appears at different depths giving you a real 3D viewing experience.  The copper base is beautiful.
 Artist:  Alison Kane
Alison painted a rich golden background and collaged her unique martini glass and markings to the bottom of her pocket watch bezel.  Her watch parts are only partially encased.  They are free floating on the surface of her resin.
Artist:  Carolyn Dickson
Layers and layers of tiny beads charms and flowers cascade from the edges of Carolyn's pocket watch. I am curious about the vintage lady.  I wonder if she is sewing or beading?  She is delicate and framed with some additional text.
Artist:  Jessica McCowan
Jessica created a stunning painted backdrop that is almost completely covered by her dried flowers and shells.  I wanted you to see the beautiful paint swirls.  I have a feeling that the backdrop covered in resin would have been gorgeous too.  The dried flowers and shells however are perfectly encased in this pocket watch submission.  

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TesoriTrovati said...

I am so very honored to be a part of this wonderful project! All of them are so very beautiful. Thank you for sharing the stories behind them all. Enjoy the day! Erin

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