Thursday, January 23, 2014

Resin Time is Anytime - Artist Submissions Group Four

 Artist:  Alison Boyd
Alison's pocket watch seems to have encapsulated the universe.  This piece has wonderful glitter layering that gives the sky such depth.  You really need to hold this bezel in your hand to see it, as I see it.  The blue tones are wonderful and the simplicity of the star scape will have me thinking twice about over filling bezels in the future.
Artist:  Carole Lassak
Carole's pocket watch may deserve a post all on its own.  "Time Flies" has the addition of glittered and painted wood wings.  Her bezel features time themed inclusions and a clay addition encrusted with tiny watch parts.  There was a lot of interest in this piece at the CHA show because it appears so fragile.  Her watch parts look like they may fall off, but trust me, they are firmly embedded in the clay.
 Artist:  Lesa Barry
You can't see the vintage map  used as a background for this time themed bezel.  Lesa has layered bigger watch parts and gears to look like a functioning machine.  There is a final layer of pink on the watch face that I believe is a dried flower.  It is delicate and softens the look of the entire project.
 Artist:  Carole Carlson
Music is the theme in this pocket watch bezel.  The image of the men is layered on a music sheet background.  Carole's collage elements include rhinestone chain in a half moon and some green glitter.
 Artist:  Debbie Beechy
Debbie has beautifully framed Mona within a clay circle in which she embedded her multi-colour beads.  There is a soft sheen to Mona's face.  Resin covers everything and magnifies all the darker colours.
 Artist:  Jen Gonzales
Jen painted the interior of her bezel a wonderful pink.  It completely changes the look of the pocket watch and it is a technique I will borrow in the future!  The watch parts now "bounce" from the background and I am sure her fairy charm is happy to be placed front and centre.
 Artist:  Lori McConnel
"Time to Ride" is a wonderful sentiment!  Our cowgirl looks like she is thrilled to be permanently encased in this pocket watch.  A simple frame of black glitter finishes this piece perfectly.
Artist:  Vicki O'Dell
Vicki captured my idea of a family vacation momento.  Her beach themed inclusions are resting on sand she encased in resin.   This is another technique I will need to try this year.  This pocket watch is a little ray of sunshine for those of us currently living in the snow belt.

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