Monday, January 20, 2014

Resin Time is Anytime - Artist Submissions Group One

Artist:  Laurel Stevenson
This pocket watch bezel features layered and suspended glitters. 
Artist:  Sarah Small
Her moustache charm replaces the watch face hands.  If this is how we tell the time it would be 4:43.
 Artist:  Kristine Reynoln
The vintage lady is hand coloured and surrounded by a frame of red glitter.  The word is "Inspire."
 Artist:  Kat Hultgren
Kat named her piece "Kaleidoscope."  And extra high dome of resin holds everything in place.
 Artist:  Gretchen Bandy
Tiny watch parts on a paper backdrop makes this pocket watch look antique.
 Artist:  Kelly Fairburn
The larger star is holding one tiny figure in place.  I would be tempted to call this "relaxing with the stars" because there are several suspend layers of glitter, gold squares and star sequins.
Artist:  Julie Panusis
The clock theme expands with the addition of two birdies.  Tiny watch components are suspended in resin and everything is framed with the blue and pearl rhinestones.
 Artist:  L. Craignle
This pocket watch features metal and resin.  A hand stamped copper piece spells out LIFE IS A BEACH and a metal flip flop and pearl illustrates the sentiment.

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