Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Embossing and Glazing with Ann Butler Stamps

 This new project features a brand new line of rubber stamps coming soon from Ann Butler and Unity Stamps.
 I received a set of the Faux Quilting stamps from Unity from Ann Butler herself at the CHA Canada Designers retreat this past weekend.  The stamps looked amazing on the mini quilt Ann had with her.  That sparked an idea to turn them into a wearable quilt.
For this project you need: 
-a stamp pad like Versamark, 
-embossing powder (any brand) 
-metal blanks (mine are from Metal Complex).
Later you will need resin for a glaze.
 I used a clear ink stamp pad for this technique. You can just see the stamped image on the metal blank.
 Then I poured embossing powder on the surface of the metal blank.  Your metal has to be very clean or the powder will stick everywhere.  I did have a few dots of powder in areas they should not be....but I was okay with that.
 I tested lots of the rubber stamps.  The chevron and diamonds worked the best.  Fine lines are harder to emboss on metal.  

(The embossing occurred with my heat gun.  If you have never embossed on paper, this may not make sense.  The Internet is filled with embossing on paper how-tos.)

 I placed my embossed metal blanks on a small piece of double-sided foam so any resin that overflowed would drip off the sides.
 Then, I used a brush to apply a glaze coat of Jewlery Resin.
 I monitored my pieces because resin tends to pull away from the edges on metal....I went back and brushed this edge several more times.
Voila!  Wearable quilt squares!
I hope you enjoyed this technique.  Embossing powders are readily available.  I am happy to use up some of the stash I accumulated as an avid rubber stamper. 

The glaze layer of resin on the embossed metal ensures that the image does not simply peel or chip off.

This post was designed, photographed and written by me.

It appeared on Resin Crafts Blog.
Marjolaine said...

These are gorgeous, can't wait to use my new set of stamps with resin!

brigitte said...


Anonymous said...

wish I could save this to pinterest

Kristi Parker Van Doren said...

love this...Was working on something similar! LOL hmmmmmmmmmmmm GREAT jo and love these stamps too. Love Resin and all of it all together! GREAT job!

Marilynne Oskamp said...

Love the concept and results...will definitely have to get some resin and begin experimenting!

Renee M said...

What a great project! Thanks for sharing the how-to's :)

Ava Gavloski said...

Thanks so much for sharing Carmi, I need to give this a try!!! Wonderful showcasing of Ann's stamp set

Ann Butler said...

Carmi I absolutely love this project....have been tweeting and sharing! Thank you for the creative use of my stamps!

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