Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Rubberstamped Jewelry Clay and Resin Pocket Watch Pendant

 I have made some good projects with our Jewelry Clay.
This one I consider GREAT!  I hope you love it too.
 It began with a small batch of Jewelry Clay.  
Here is a little tip:  If you find the clay is too moist, add some baby powder.  It will stop sticking to your gloves.
 I rolled my clay flat as though it was a polymer clay.
 Then I inked up my rubber stamp with black Staz-on.
 After I stamped the image, I pressed this open back pocket watch body into my clay.  I removed the excess clay with an x-acto blade.
 Adding colour was a breeze.  I pressed some Preciosa crystals into the clay and softly applied some colour with Pearl-ex powders on my brush.
 Here is my pocket watch/pendant curing.  The clay air dries.
 The next day I filled the watch face to the brim with Jewelry Resin.  This clear glass coating made all my colours pop!
I even stamped the back of the pendant with my rubber stamp and sealed it under a glaze coat of Jewelry Resin.
My rubber stamp is an all time favorite  I have had it for years.  It is Acey Deucy - Puccini's Muse.

This post was designed, photographed and written by me.

It appeared on Resin Crafts Blog.
Piera said...

fantastic!! I love it!!

Carole Lassak said...

Love what you've created!! One of my fav stamps is an old Acey Deucy, too.

Beetique said...

I gotta get some clay

Hannah Trost said...

Awesome tut! I've just started working with epoxy clay, stamps, and even the powders. It seems so versatile and fun! Do you have a problem with the clay or resin becoming sticky over time? I've heard this can happen with polymer clay.....

Kathy Lindemer said...

Great tutorial! Thank you!

beadsinbeauty said...

Very nice beadwork! Many thanks for the tutorial!

Debbie M. said...

Really lovely

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