Monday, March 11, 2013

Preciosa Crystals and Jewelry Clay Heart

 This crystal heart will catch your eye in any room.
 I really want you to see that this is the easiest project ever!  
You can make this heart in under 30 minutes!
 My supply list includes our new Envirotex Jewelry Clay, Embellie Gellie pick-up stick, Pearl-Ex, a heart shaped bezel and small and medium sized Preciosa Chaton crystals.
 To begin I made a small batch of Jewelry Clay.  To learn more about the clay you can watch the video.  The two balls of clay you see here mix to form a professional jewels grade clay that has excellent adhesion for projects involving crystals.
 Here is my clay in the heart bezel.  It does have a smooth surface and I have about three hours of working time.
 My Embellie Gellie pick up stick is what makes this project so easy to complete.  You can see how it picks up tiny crystals allowing me to place them in the clay where I want them.
 Here is a little tip from me.  When I place crystals for a project like this I don't push them all the way into the clay until the clay touches the crystal edge.  This way if I need to move a crystal later I can easily pop it out with a tooth pick without digging into the clay around it.
 When I was happy with the placement of all the crystals I patted each crystal to ensure the pointed backs were all in the clay evenly.  I used my finger tip to do that.
 Jewelry Clay is already a light colour but I chose to apply some Pearl-Ex Interference Gold to the clay.  To do this I lightly "pounce" a generous amount of powder all over the surface.  Pouncing also ensures that each crystal is embedded into the clay.
 The powder will only cling to the clay so don't worry about how it looks at this point.  I let my bezel and clay cure for five hours before brushing the excess powder away.  After five hours the clay is hard to the touch and you can move your projects.
If you have accidentally smeared clay on the edge or reverse of the bezel you can simply wipe it away with an alcohol swab before it cures in place.  These swabs are also great to clean your table top or any tools you may have used that came into contact with the clay.
A soft brush removes all the extra Pearl-Ex from your project.  Your crystals are permanently embedded and in 24 hours this heart is good to wear!
Are you imagining all the possibilities now?

This post was designed, photographed and written by me.
It appeared on Resin Crafts Blog.
MaryL said...

Great article and very pretty necklace! Thanks.

Trish said...

I can't wait till the clay is at amazon, I also wish I could attend some of your classes Carmi. I notice the chains you use and they are amazing, very funky, very different and I like that you can't tell which way is up or down like the standard chain, I just love it! I'm a chain and pendant fanatic, and the chains you use are unique, wish I knew where I could find them. I love how very versatile the clay is, do you suppose it could be used with one of the pendants from Nina Designs?

Lessa's Lacquers said...

I just adore your articles! Thank you so very much for introducing me to this's so versatile and exciting to work with

Jean said...

I love your designs and the way that you teach! xox jean

nancy john said...

I like Jewelry because really it is cool

Natural color diamonds

Trish said...

Hi Carmi, I was wondering if you know where I could get quality craft supplies, like the ones you use, miniatures (like the ones you used on the coffee break ring), rhinestones, bezels, embelishments, things like that. I live in Jamaica, so could you recommend somewhere that ships to my region, if you could? It would help a lot Carmi, thanks :)

Carmi said...

I Trish, I work for one of the largest beading distributors in North America, John Bead, but they are only wholesale. It is why I have above average stash. Also, living in Toronto, we have a downtown beading area, so I can walk in and shop anytime. For miniatures though I am all about Ebay! They are all from China and Thailand and I have never had an issue ordering.

Trish said...

Thank you Carmi for you quick response :) currently I'm experimenting with resin (thanks to your blog!) And now I am going to get your jewelry clay, its finally on Amazon! I'm excited, I'll try ebay, thank you so so much :)

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