Tuesday, February 26, 2013

How To Make a Glass Pebble Wearable - Part Two

Here are my new wearable glass pebbles!
 It is amazing what you can make with a piece of glass normally found in a florist's vase.
This is how I finished my necklaces with beads.  
Now, let me show you how I got here.
Yesterday I showed you how I glued my paper imagery to the glass pebble.  I also sealed the back of the paper and let everything
 dry overnight.
Then I made a small batch of Jewelry Clay.
Jewelry Clay cures solid in 24 hours.  This technique is a great one for people who may not want to mold, embed or stamp it.  Jewelry Clay is an extra tool in my studio.
 I pressed my clay to the back of the pebble (see the sample in my hand.)  I used a little baby powder when I did this so that when I pressed the clay in place it did not stick to my gloves.
The clay is about 1/8 on an inch thick on the back.
Then I added some screw eyes.
 The screw eyes are hard to see, but I pressed them into the clay so they would also cure in place.  I brushed silver Pearl Ex over all the clay and was done!
All I had to do now was wait.
This is FAUX SOLDERING!  No torch or solder needed!
I simply strung my beads, added the pebbles and I had two fabulous new necklaces!

How To Make a Glass Pebble Wearable - Part One

How To Make a Glass Pebble Wearable - Part Two

These posts were designed, photographed and written by me.
They appeared on Resin Crafts Blog.

Beetique said...

cool! Hopefully we will get that our Michaels one day!

Val Sparkle said...

These are so nice! I love the way you've done the beading. I need to get some clay and try it out - it's so versatile!

Micheladas said...

I love how you can solder without a torch or solder iron. Way cool.

flyingbeader said...

That is one fantastic idea! Now I've got to head to Hobby Lobby & grab some of that. You've got me very interested.

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