Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Coffee Break Ring

The Coffee Break Ring
Designed by Carmi Cimicata for

Featuring our Jewelry Clay

This is the ring idea I will be demonstrating at the Craft and Hobby Show.
This ring could be made on your coffee break! 
It only takes a few minutes to make if you have all your supplies ready.
Mix a small portion of Envirotex Jewelry Clay, which is also known as “resin clay.”  This clay cures solid and waterproof in 24 hours.  No kiln or oven required.
Jewelry Clay has excellent adhesive qualities so you can place your items at various angles and be confident that they will cure in place.

Using your pick-up tool you can embed crystals around the base of your ring.  Press your items into the clay gently.

Finally, the clay can be coloured by simply brushing a Pearl-ex powder of your choice onto its surface.

Supplies Needed
Resin Clay
ring blank
miniature cup, cupcake or donut
Pearl-ex powder
pointed back crystals - Preciosa
pick-up tool

This post was designed, photographed and written by me.

It appeared on Resin Crafts Blog.


    Shirley Moore said...

    Oh heavens, that is so very cute!

    Karen Ellis said...

    LOVE Carm! I'd so wear that! See you at CHA. Will they be at the show so I can check this out? :)

    CalibyCreations said...

    This is so amazing! Can hardly wait to get my hands on this.

    medell said...

    This looks so fun to make! I can't wait to get my hands on some the resin clay. Very cool.

    Mom2Two said...

    Cute Cute Cute!!!

    (I typically apply Embellie Gellie to the blunt end of the wand for paper crafts and cake decorating so that I can use the pointy end for adjusting the embellishment, if necessary. I can see it might work better this way for Envirotex if you need the blunt end for pushing items into the clay. It's great to see one product so handy for so many different crafts!

    DLSarmywife said...

    What a cute ring!

    Lisa M. Pace said...

    This is the cutest ring EVER! Love it!!!

    d'Olivia said...

    Can it be painted with acrylic paints, or is it only the powdered pigments?

    Carmi said...

    You can definitely paint it with acrylics and over the next few weeks I am sure I will show you an example or two.

    Carmi said...

    Brilliant suggestion!

    Jennifer said...

    Love it. . When and where is the CHA being held this year

    Acid Dreams and Sugar Highs said...

    This is so cute! Never would have guessed it was a DIY!

    artsandcraftsexpert.com said...

    Just found this. It really is beautiful! Very creative crafting. I make jewelry and sell it but if I made this one I would have to keep it lol

    barbara macaskill said...

    HOW CUTE! I absolutely love this and am going to try to make one for a friend who loves coffee! Thanks for the inspiration!

    Leener said...

    Love it! Any suggestions on where I get the adorable mug and cupcake??

    Carmi Cimicata said...

    I buy on Ebay using the search term Miniatures.