Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Stamping Into Jewelry Clay

 Here is the first of many projects where I will be using my rubber and clear stamps with resin clay.  I demonstrated this technique in my first Jewelry Clay class at the Craft and Hobby show last week.  Each of the 50 students made this pendant.
The clay I am using is Jewelry Clay. 
 The first step is to make a small batch of the clay (following the instructions in the package) and fill your bezel pendant.
 The colour in the pendant is achieved by brushing Pearl-ex powders across the surface.

 Once the powders are brushed across the surface, the clay is not as sticky.  This makes it an ideal stamping surface.
You can see the clear stamp I used.  I inked it with black Staz-On.  After stamping the image on paper several times I then stamped it into the clay.  The ink and the powders will now cure with the clay.
 I still had time to press a few glass beads into the surface.  In five hours the pendant was very hard, but I allowed it to cure for a full 24 hours before wearing it.

 Thank you to Jacquard for providing me with enough powder to last a lifetime!
Thank you Stampendous for providing all of my students with the whole stamp set that this little image was a part of.
 And finally, thank you to imagine crafts for getting Staz-on to all the students to work with as well.

This post was designed, photographed and written by me.
It appeared on Resin Crafts Blog.
Anonymous said...

Beautiful Carmi!


Sara said...

This is fantastic .. can't wait to try this!!

christinadesignsart said...

That looks so cool!!! I definitely need to try that!

tysh said...

that is so pretty!

Renee M said...

Wow this looks like so much fun--am really looking forward to getting my hands on some of this clay and using my stamps on it as well as the powders--so pretty! With the soft, pretty shine it has I thought for sure you were going to say it was sealed with a coat of something on top, but looks like there's no need for that step--yay! :)

Designed by Vera said...

I agree with Renee, can't wait for this to hit the stores! My mind it raging with ideas!!!!!!!!

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