Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Jewelry Clay Steampunk Wolf

I am still in California at The Craft and Hobby show where the Jewelry Clay launch has gone so well!
I am flying home tomorrow and will be back regularly posting in my studio on Thursday!  I wanted you to see one of the samples I made for the show.  This metal cuff has a thick layer of our new Jewelry clay on it and then I embedded some very heavy watch parts and embellishments.  It was meant to be an experiment!
I had no idea our clay would be so powerful!  The clay cuff traveled in my luggage and has been moved around in bags and boxes.  At the show it was handled a great deal.  
It has attracted some lovely compliments!
The clay was coloured silver with a quick brush application of Pearl Ex!

This post was designed, photographed and written by me.

It appeared on Resin Crafts Blog.
Designed by Vera said...

That is way cool!!!! I hadn't thought of using the clay for something like that....makes my creative juices sing!!!!!

Cyndi L said...

That wolf head is da bomb!! Is he made from resin clay too?

Carmi said...

Hi Cyndi, the wolf bead seems like a resin to me...it looks like ceramic in person.

Jean said...


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