Friday, December 7, 2012

High End Resin Pendant - Part Two

 Here we are.  Part two of a complicated resin project.  
I hope this is giving you a few ideas!

When I posted yesterday, the last step was making sure that I had sealed my paper.  Happily, my efforts were rewarded! No resin stains!  So here are next steps.
My vintage pendant is not completely flat.  To ensure that I did not have a resin over-pour I did two things.
1.  I raised my pendant from my table top so that I was able to level my peice as much as possible.
2.  I did not try to pour resin right to the brim of each opening  (see arrows above.)
 It cured beautifully!  But I am not done.
Now I am using glitter markers to add some lines, dots and scribbles to the first layer of cured resin.  I think you know where I am going with this.  When my glitter is dry I will pour a doming layer of Envirotex Lite over each of these areas.

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These posts were designed, photographed and written by me.
They appeared on Resin Crafts Blog.

TsusenCollectibles said...

I can't wait until I get home tomorrow night to see these finished! Carmi: have you posted anything about using fabric instead of paper under resin? Does it work? If so, do only certain types of fabric work? Thanks for all of your help and you constant source of inspiration! Pat (

Carmi said...

I have done a few fabric's the thing.....resin on fabric is tricky because the fabric needs super strong sealing or one little fiber will pull in resin creating the stains I dislike so much. It also darkens the fabric a little. There are some scrapbook companies who released treated fabric 12 x 12 papers and they work well in resin because they are coated.
I have embedded vintage crochet and loved the darkens a little but still looks gorgeous!
Do try in a bottle cap and test your sealer....I am using Aleene's decoupage mediums with great success. Paper I seal 3 times...fabric...I would probably seal 4-5 times.

TsusenCollectibles said...

Thanks, Carmi! I have been using ModPodge but will pcik up some of the Aleene's after the holidays! I know I had some somewhere but can't find it now! I'll give the fabric a try in a couple of bottle caps and let you know how it goes! Pat

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