Friday, September 7, 2012

The Goldfish Project - Part Two

 My goldfish project is coming along even better than planned!  
Here are my two samples fresh out of the mold.
 I decided to make a second sample.  (I think of this one as a mom and two kids.)
Yesterday I told you how I placed my goldfish into about 1/8 of an inch of partly gelled resin.  This I let cure for 24 hours.
 The next day I poured Envirotex Lite resin to the top of the mold.  (These bubbles I popped.)
 After about 4-5 hours this second layer of resin was also partially cured.  It was at the sticky stage.
 This allowed me to place some dried leaves onto the back side.  These leaves stayed in place...they did not sink into the resin.
The molds I worked in tend to make it tough to pop out a finished sample.  The easiest way to get a resin piece out of a mold is by placing it in the freezer for 20 minutes.
My next steps is to sand the edges and decide on a background colour for my goldfish.  I'll have the final pieces on the blog Monday! 

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Chris said...

it looks like soap!

Beetique said...

love it

Boot ~C said...

I just had a thought, what if the background you choose looks like the bamboo in the video ( bamboo baskets, right?)

Crystal said...

Thank you for the tip on how to get a piece out of the mold. I've sacrificed many molds because I couldnt get the resin out.

Anonymous said...

Where did you ever find the little goldfish? They are adorable. nanmcdonald (at)

Carmi said...

eBay....under the search miniature goldfish!

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