Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sequins and Halloween Molds - Glue Delay!

Well, this is a first for me.
I have a glue delay.  
I need to postpone the game!
Yesterday I showed you how I layered my mold with a thin layer of EasyCast, followed by my Halloween sequins.  The sequins I glued in place with mod-podge.  Can you see how some of the glue has not dried clear yet?  It is trapped under the sequin and it has been 24 hours!  So, I need to wait...maybe even another full day.
When you work in a mold, you usually work upside down.  Luckily, I flipped my mold over to peak at my design and noticed the glue was still not dry.  If I had not looked, I might have poured in my next layer of EasyCast and the glue would have looked like this permanently.

I already know that mod-podge should be left to really dry for 24 hours before you pour resin over it...but I thought my pieces were so tiny that they might dry faster.

You can not rush the process.  
Patience is a virtue for resin artisans!

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CreatedByWendy said...

Have you tried a sticky glue that dries clear? Like say, Delta Renaissance Foil adhesive? It dries clear and tacky. I use it often, for many things besides foil. That way you can paint it on, dries pretty quickly, stick the sequins or what have you on, then pour the resin.

Just a thought.

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