Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Is it Cloudy Where You Live?

Recently I got a note from a fellow resin user.  She reported that she had sealed all her images with Mod Podge, waited for everything to dry and then poured resin into her bezels.  Everything looked great for a day 
and then her images started to look cloudy.  
Has this ever happened to you?  
I had to ask the experts at Environmental Technology Inc for some advice.  
This is a good reminder for everyone!
"My suspicions are the Mod Podge was not completely dry and over time did dry out under the Envirotex surface creating the issue that she is now experiencing. This issue can be a real problem in high humidity area's where there is so much moisture in the air, it makes it difficult for the moisture in glues, finishes, etc., to evaporate properly. Knowing her situation and what she has experienced, I would allow the Mod Podge in future projects to dry over night if at all possible."

It was so humid in July in my area of the world.  I did have a few issues and will remind myself to let glue dry overnight before I pour resin over it.

CalibyCreations said...

Good to know for when we get our August and September monsoonal flow.

Amy Anderson said...

Yep! This is exactly what the Mod Podge experts will tell you :D

Bobkittymtn said...

Great tip, I am hoping to get started with resin next week, after getting supplies this weekend and our rainy season (which lasts most of the year, LOL) just started!


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