Saturday, June 9, 2012

Christmas Jewels with Nigel May

 This is the year I may be done getting ready for Christmas by August!
Here I am, in the middle of a heat wave and the only thing keeping me cool and happy are these new Christmas jewels!
 I love this snowman!
 Glam Santa!
 This is a necklace I adorned with mini Christmas ornaments.
 Hot red pearls and snow people!
 My snow people are framed with rhinestones.
 I bet you are wondering where I got my inspiration.
I got an advance copy of Nigel May's A-MAY-ZING Christmas CD!  I was thrilled to be in the UK in April when Nigel launched his first CD.  It sold out so quick!!
 It is jammed with fabulous Christmas imagery!
 As soon as I picked my favorites I printed them to a size that would work with this assortment of bezels.
 I sealed all my papers with several coats of mod podge,
 I also added some embellishments.  My final step was to pour Jewelry Resin into each bezel opening.  If you didn't know, I am the author of Resin Crafts blog where I showcase resin projects daily.
 Each bezel looks spectacular, now that the resin has cured crystal clear.
 How adorable are these images?
 I found it very hard to stop making pieces.
 When artwork is good, it can be used in so many ways.  
I can now print a matching card or tag for this necklace.
The CD launches at 9pm UK time on Ideal World.  I can't wait to see all the paper projects that will be shown too.  I can just imagine the spectacular cards already.    Have a wonderful launch Nigel!  I'll be live streaming your segment on my computer.

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