Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Dried Lavender in Resin

I have several fabulous new bezels to string and wear!

Several times a year, Becky Nunn from Nunn designs releases a new collection and allows me to experiment and give-a-way a set of new products on my page.

These new open channel bezel loops are my favorite!  
You can work inside them and on the outside edge.
My project began with this very thin piece of purple tissue.

I brushed an extra thick layer of decoupage medium (glue) onto the surface of the tissue paper.
Note that I am working on a non stick sheet.

Then I set the bezels directly into the wet glue.

I placed some weight onto the bezels and let them dry overnight.

Now here is a step I recommend that others may not do.
I mixed a small batch of resin and poured a little into each bezel.
The height of the pour was about 3 mm.  This creates a secure clear base.
It adds a day to the project but is well worth it.

Twenty four hours later I placed some dried flowers from my local 
lavender field Laveanne into the bezels.
The flowers I sealed with three different coats of decoupage medium.  
I allowed all of this to dry for another full 24 hours.

I choose to cut away the excess tissue at this point.  The tissue cuts away easily with good sharp non stick scissors.  I will point out that the texture from the non stick sheet does transfer, so I have another step coming up to deal with this.

With my loops all trimmed, I mixed another batch of resin to cover all the lavender and to fill my bezels.

Doesn't it look outstanding now that the resin is cured?

I took the time to cover the back with a glaze layer of resin as well.
This adds another day or two, but makes the back look as beautiful as the front.

I beaded the edges with Delicas, Tila beads and seed beads.

They are so pretty.  I am going to use simple chains to show them off.

Would you like to win the Nunn Design Summer Collection?
Just leave one nice comment with your name on this blog post to be eligible!
I'll choose the winner in one week!


This post written, designed and photographed by Carmi Cimicata.
Please do not repost any part of it without permission.


Carmi Cimicata said...
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Rijacki Ledum said...

I love how you used the paper as your backing.

FotoJennic said...

oh wow, these are beautiful and I've always wanted to try out resin with dried flowers. I also love the paper backing you used.

Monica Lore said...

Big fan of the Nunn collections - and your clever and lovely use of the cylindrical bezels! I am such a fan of your work - you inspire me!

Catherine Etter, The Mindful Spirit said...

So very feminine and fun, you had me at floral and resin!!!!

Catherine Etter, The Mindful Spirit said...

So very feminine and fun, you had me at floral and resin!!!!

Becky Brown said...

Your eye for combinations is exceptional!!! It impresses me how you attend to every finishing detail too!

MyNervous Habits said...

How lovely! I would love to try this out. Thanks for the inspiration and the opportunity.

landseergirl said...


Anne Marie - Toronto said...

I thought that I already commented, but not sure if it went through. I covet these bezels and have soooo many ideas.......

Casey Jourdan said...

I love the lavender over that tissue paper, gorgeous! I've been eyeing these bezels and now I'm inspired :)

cheryl in kc said...

OMG, these are beautiful!

cheryl in kc said...

OMG, these are beautiful!

Kelly Hobbs said...

Becky, you can look for your biggest fan, but there are "Nunn" bigger than this fan-girl! ��
Kelly Bradley Hobbs

Linda A. said...

SOOO pretty! Love the lavender!

graypeape said...

ooooooooooooo I love lavender! so pretty!

April Gray, owlape@aol.com

Jayne Cook-Quarry said...

Your work is inspirational

Carmi Cimicata said...

I want to thank you all so much for your lovely comments! I just did the draw and announced the winner; Becky Brown on Facebook.