Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Trends We Are Noticing For the Craft & Hobby Association February 2016

This is my monthly update to the extended Craft & Hobby Association (CHA) family; a more focused lens directed on what is topical and trending.

Each month I ask a group made up of designers, educators, authors and others to share their observations of trends that relate to our industry. I assemble the content and share it via my blog and through the CHA membership email.  

Here is my submission:

“I’ve been monitoring all the fall fashions shows in Europe and New York.  There are so many unique elements that the DIY world can replicate on items they refashion themselves.  I see huge bows and ties on women’s shirts, ruffles, and big crocheted flowers.  Jewelry is going floral and earring sets are being shown in two different lengths.  Chain and leopard print everywhere. Surface embellishment with fibers, beads and jewels continues to create stunning one of a kind wearable art.”
Carmi Cimicata
Social Media Manager for John Bead Corp and ILOVERESIN.com

Here are the trends everyone else noticed:

“DIY for the garden! As spring approaches, we’re going to see more garden projects with repurposed materials than ever before. Raised beds built from palette lumber, cinder block terraced planters, up cycled bottles turned in to lanterns, birdhouses and feeders from just about anything you can imagine.”
Joe Rotella
CMO (Delphia Consulting),Founder (Create N Craft), Overall Crafty Guy

“Using resin to cast home decor items.  This could be anything from spoon rests to be used in the kitchen to large castings to adorn a wall.  Resin has moved beyond jewelry!”
Katherine Swift
Owner, Resin Obsession, LLC

“RETREATS! In all forms.... creative, writing, yoga and more.  These getaways aim at restoring the soul and igniting happiness.”
Candie Cooper
Author and Designer

“The biggest trend I notice is these Yummy or Tasty videos. Native FB videos that show how to make a dish in fast forward 30 seconds. Why not crafts shown the same way??!”
Laura J Weed
Graphics Manager, Social Media Marketing Manager, Website Administrator, Design Team Manager for Stampendous
“I really love how DIYers are taking the old fashioned craft of string art to the next level. I'm seeing colorful yarns, embroidery thread and string woven between pins or nails to create textured wall art in the form of monograms, words or icons. You don't need a lot of supplies so this should appeal to the masses. It's a simple craft with a big impact.”
Kelly Panacci
Art Licensor and Founder of Kelly Panacci Inc.

“What's trending now in home decor?  Low chunky furniture in the living room. Think boxy, rounded and low sofas and chairs. Yup, the stuff from the 80's and early 90's. Overstuffed, comfy and lounge-y. This kind of furniture works best in larger rooms and they also need to be elevated with beautiful things around them to make sure that they don’t look frumpy-dumpy.
Modern farmhouse - emphasis on the modern part. No deer head mounts or Edison bulbs - unless you really live out in the sticks. Skip the ruffles and lace look but go for more aged leather club chairs, a nice plaid throw, old linens, and some great rustic accessories.  
Ledges are the new gallery wall. Put them up and then style to your hearts content. They are much easier to style than a gallery wall and so much easier to rearrange.”
Vicki O'Dell
The Creative Goddess

“Industrial materials are making another visit into the world of decor and craft. Concrete is becoming the hottest trend of the year, replacing clay and resin in jewelry design and home decor. It’s being paired with industrial metallic and soft pastel color palettes.
While concrete is taking over clay, linen is taking over canvas. Linen is popping up everywhere, fast becoming the new base to paint and layer on. Gray and Off white linen seems to be the most popular
I'm excited to mix both these materials together to see what fun comes from it. Concrete and Linen....Hmm....The possibilities......”
Lisa Kettell
Chief Designer for LK Designs.

I am seeing rose gold everywhere- from fabric to foil sheets to jewelry. Coloring books take up over half of the space in the grocery store magazine section which tells me they are here to stay for a while.
Eileen Hull
Author, Artist and Adventurer
Licensed Designer for Sizzix and Clearsnap

If you observe a trend and would like to submit it please send me an email at
Carmi Cimicata


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