Monday, November 23, 2015

Patience Is A Resin Virtue OR Faux Enameling How-To

Patience is indeed a resin virtue.
To learn how to work with resin properly can take many attempts and a great deal of time.
While many people only do one project and have success, those of us who want to push the boundaries of what resin can replicate can find that years and years later they still learn something new.

That is the case for me since I started experimenting with products from Resin Obsession.  I love their brand new opaque colorants and their Super Clear resin has been a delight to work with.

My Resin Obsession project posts are all linked here.

For this faux enameling project I used time to my advantage.
I made a batch of teal colored resin using Resin Obsession's mixing advice.

Then I let my resin rest in my mixing cup for an hour.
I waited until the resin was almost a pudding consistency 
before I poured it.

Depending on the temperature of the room where you work this might happen in less or more time...that's where resin patience comes in.  You need to babysit your resin before you pour it.

The resin was so thick I slowly dropped it into my bezels.
I let it fill the space it was in and my one pour gave me a doming effect I love.
This bracelet is vintage and I knew it would look brilliant teamed up with a teal color.

I had to use a toothpick to push it to fill the entire space or it might have cured just like this.

24 hours later I have a spectacular bracelet that looks like it has enameled components.

These bezels are going to be lovely on simple chain.

This post written, designed and photographed by Carmi Cimicata. 
Please do not repost any part of it without permission.

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