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Trends We Are Noticing For the Craft & Hobby Association March 2015

This is my second monthly report to our extended Craft & Hobby Association (CHA) family; a more focused lens directed on what is topical and trending.

Each month I ask a group made up of designers, educators, authors and others to share their observations of trends that relate to our industry. I assemble the content and share it via my blog and through the CHA membership email.  

Here are this month’s comments:

The trend that is most notable to me right now is the increased use of texture mediums to create dimension and layers. This has been prominent in mixed media for quite some time but is more evident in scrapbooking, art journaling and card making.
Seth Apter
The Altered Page

Customizing Personal Planners is the big trend I'm seeing in paper-crafting. Makers are taking their time-management ring binders to a whole new level. By adding custom pages, tabbed dividers, specialty envelopes, washi tape and collaged elements, they're transforming an otherwise ordinary looking office staple to a thing of beauty and organizing their lives at the same time.
Kelly Panacci
Art Licensor and Founder of Kelly Panacci Inc.

I'm seeing lots of DIY fiber art in home decor. Painted fabric, hand weaving, crochet and knitted accents. Hand dyed, hand knotted and hand created.
Vicki O'Dell
The Creative Goddess

The trend I am noticing this Month is the industrial maker market. There is a fresh emergence of industrial chic with chalk board surfaces, metals, burlaps and cork surfacing all over.  Craft stores are recognizing the trend in rustic DIYers who are creating online stores, pop up shops and market fairs. DIYers crave rustic platforms for their products such as displays, signs, banners and tags to showcase they original wares.   Artisan business materials are just as important as the product is and now a huge apart of the design process!
Lisa Kettell
Chief Designer for LK Designs

I have seen a renewed interest in encaustic painting and mixed media work lately.
Eileen Hull
Licensed Designer for Sizzix and Clearsnap

The scrapbooking and cardmaking industry (maybe even the paper crafting industry) is in the "cost or shakeout" phase and consolidation is in the works. I see companies settle on the "dominant design." Smaller organizations are being acquired or exit altogether. It's about economies of scale right now. If you're thinking of entering the industry, be aware the barriers to entry can be high. As we move in to the "maturity" phase, growth is no longer the main focus. The primary goals of companies left in the industry will be market share and cash flow. 
Joe Rotella
CMO (Delphia Consulting),Founder (Create N Craft), Overall Crafty Guy

I'm noticing that resin crafters and jewelry makers are wanting lots of color options such as opaque, transparent, glittery, and natural looking pigments/additives just to name a few.  Adding color to a product such as resin makes it much more versatile!
Katherine Swift
Resin Obsession, LLC

Quartz druse* is making its way back to fashion in the form of rings, earrings, bracelet and belt buckles. It's mother-earth and it’s a more genuine form of sparkle.
Fernando DaSilva
Creative Manager, John Bead Corp
*Because of its sparkling appearance, druse is sometimes used in jewelry making. Both the glittering effect of the tiny crystals and the color of the base mineral are factors when selecting druse for this purpose. Many jewelers opt for druse in lieu of rarer gemstones since they are relatively inexpensive and easy to cut. (Wikipedia)

What I am noticing are a lot of long maxi-skirts (and dresses) in bold graphics. I see tribal patterns on almost everything from dresses to skirts to little canvas shoes. For jewelry I am seeing a lot of fringe such as spiky collars made from hammered metal paddles to long layers of chain necklaces with assorted charms, tassels, and bold geometric shapes. Also, bright pops of color with these accessories. I am also seeing more romantic florals and drapey cocoon-like kimono-style jackets and tops made from very gauzy materials. Lots of fringe detail and crocheted lace. Very sort of boho chic. Layering is very big, from your clothing to accessories.
Erin Prais-Hintz
Tesori Trovati Jewelry - Treasures Found

The trend I really noticed after the most recent runway shows was the use of fur as a decorative feature and accessory.  I am sure faux versions could be used to create similar projects.  Also, the rose as an emblem and as the primary imagery on clothing.
Carmi Cimicata
Social Media Manager for John Bead Corp and

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