Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Trends We Are Noticing For the Craft & Hobby Association

In today's world the exchange of information and ideas happens very quickly. Sometimes, new and exciting trends, launches, products, publications and educational opportunities are missed or poorly communicated. To this end, I am pleased to announce a new monthly report that will provide our extended Craft & Hobby Association (CHA) family; a more focused lens directed on what is topical and trending.

Each month I will ask a group made up of designers, educators, authors and others to share their observations, information and yes, even predictions, that relate to our industry. I will assemble the content and share it via my blog and through the CHA membership email.  This will be my first report.

Here is the trend I noticed:

“The trend I am noticing is the addition of embroidered words and even full sentences to fabrics for clothing and accessories.”
Carmi Cimicata
Social Media Manager for John Bead Corp. and ILOVERESIN.com

Here are the trends everyone else noticed:

"I continue to be amazed with crafters' desire to incorporate something personal into their designs.  Whether it's a flower from a special occasion, buttons from a favorite old sweater, or a lock of hair from a loved one, people want to make their craft something individually unique."
Katherine Swift
Owner, Resin Obsession, LLC

“TOP-STITCHING! And lacing! I've seen it everywhere from embellishments on
garments to laced cuffs made of metal.”
Candie Cooper
Jewelry Designer, Author, Educator and Presenter

“I have seen an increase in the number of artists who are creating their own patterns to be used repetitively for fabric or paper design. “
Seth Apter

“The trend I am seeing is metallic gold foil on journals, papers, stationery, tape and gift wrap.”
Eileen Hull
Licensed Designer for Sizzix and Clearsnap

“In addition to seeing the homespun charm of embroidery in Hoop Art, I am seeing all kinds of DIY projects using Embroidery Hoops - but no embroidery required. Those simple wooden hoops are being re-purposed to frame maps, lace, clocks or chalkboards and cleverly hinged together as freestanding orbs or pendant light fixtures. The embroidery hoop is incredibly versatile so no wonder it has been re-discovered and is so popular that it's been out of stock at my local craft store every time I visit lately.”
Kelly Panacci
Art Licensor and Founder of Kelly Panacci Inc.

“The biggest trend I am seeing at the moment is fringe. Fringe on accessories such as handbags & jewelry as well as some home decor items. Fringe is in for spring!”
Vicki O'Dell
The Creative Goddess

"The trend I have been seeing is the use of pallets in all kinds of DIY and crafty projects, the arrow motif in particular created for wall decor."
Debra Quartermain
Design & Social Media Co-ordinator Kunin Group

"I believe paper crafting is on a slight decline and fiber/jewelry/home decor interest is growing at a healthy pace, based on number of folks attending consumer shows, retreats, classes, etc. Upcycling and "maker projects" are absolutely trending up, especially with younger individuals."
Joe Rotella
CMO (Delphia Consulting), Founder (Create N Craft), Overall Crafty Guy

“The trend I am noticing, denim is the new burlap. There is a fresh emergence of denim beginning to surface all over. Denim paint canvas, fabric, jewelry components and craft supply. Denim is a color palette that is sassy, sweet, spicy and vintage. It's everywhere right now, not just in your closet.”
Lisa Kettell
Chief Designer for LK Designs.

If you observe a trend and would like to submit it please send me an email at
Carmi Cimicata


Debra said...

Thanks Carmi! Trend watching is so exciting!

Carmi Cimicata said...

I agree! I enjoyed reading all of these observations!