Wednesday, May 14, 2014

EastCast Tips and Inspiration - Post Three

My resin hearts turned out just perfect!
 These castings were hard to pre-judge.  I just kept adding vintage metal letters, dried flower, glitter glue, opalites and paint to my first clear layer of resin.
 The rose was a test.  I was not sure if it would work with the letters.  
 When I popped the castings out of the mold they looks really pretty.
When molded pieces are this good I do not like to drill holes into them.
I prefer to glue bails to the reverse. (bails shown in picture)
The bails make them easy to hang, as I did, on to my necklace.

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Diana Balot Frank said...

Do you use mold release in the molds?

Carmi Cimicata said...

In soft silicone molds I usually do not. I do test them all first and foremost to make sure they release easily.

Carol Briody said...

Hi Carmi,
These turned out beautifully! Question:do the hearts have a faceted perimeter from the mold? I can't quite tell from the pics..they are so amazingly clear, I know it must be a challenge to photograph some of these (that's a compliment!). If those are facets, wow, neat!