Friday, May 16, 2014

EastCast Tips and Inspiration and Mistakes - Post Five

 Sometimes there are molds that just don't work.  This is a great example of one I will avoid in the future.  You can see here that I added in a lot of beads and EasyCast resin.  I was hoping for a gorgeous casting but truth be told, I did not test this single mold shape in the tray before using it.
 The bottom of the mold has a very thin wall area.  Bubbles get caught here and you won't know until the resin is cured and you have demolded it.  Bubbles in a thin area become actual holes.
So here is what I learned.
 I was so disappointed with this casting because 3/4 of it is just gorgeous.  Those darn holes were distracting me.
 So, I thought I would just sand away the "holes."
Unfortunately, the more I sanded, the more bubbles I ran into.  So, lesson learned.  Test your molds.  If I ever attempt to work in this one again I think I will do a simple first pour to just add resin to the edges and double check that it cures without bubbles before working in it.

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Andy M said...

Take a very very narrow ribbon or lace or even a pretty piece of cloth cut narrow and glue it around the base. Let that dry over night. Now just paint a tiny little bit of resin over it to add some shine and durability.
Tada.... no more visible bubbles :-)