Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Tea Saucers, Jewels and Images - From The Archives

Tea saucers are very inexpensive when they are missing the matched tea cup.  I picked up this pile at my favorite antique store last week and paid a whopping $2.  The plate on top is my finished sample.
This may be my best home DIY idea ever!  
I hope you enjoy the finished plates.  
All I did was glue an image into the saucer bottom.  
I sealed the paper and then I glued a ring of rhinestone chain around each image.  The next day I poured Envirotex Lite into the saucer so that it filled the bottom and flowed over the rhinestone chain.  This allowed me to place all these vintage glass beads around the plate.  Envirotex Lite is holding all the jewels in place.

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Louise said...

It's a clever and unique idea, but I'd be hesitant to use my jewelry-making beads in such a way. I need to save them for making jewelry!