Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Classic Jewelry Resin Project

 This complicated looking resin filled bezel is a one pour resin project.
 I decided to recycle this greeting card.  
It was just too pretty to throw away.
 TIP:  My heart shaped bezel was not a standard size.  I know it would not be something I could line with paper without some help.  So I made a photocopy of the bezel to use as a template.
 I know that if my cutout template fits into the bezel, then the shape I cut out will also.  I had some tweaking to do.
I sealed my paper with my standard three applications of a decoupage medium.
TIP:  I add some rhinestone chain to frame my piece when I applied the final application of decoupage medium.  This way the chain is adhered and won't move when I pour in resin.
My last step was to make a batch of Jewelry Resin and fill my bezel.  The artwork looks amazing and the bezel will become a wonderful pendant for a necklace.
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