Friday, March 21, 2014

Crystals in Nunn Design Brooch

 This new circle brooch is filled with Jewelry Clay and crystals.
My project area called for the following:
1. Jewelry Clay
2. A "Clay Squishers" sheet.
3.  A Nunn Design Ornate circle brooch.
4.  A collection of diamond back crystals and a pick up pencil.
5. Solar Gold Luminarte Primary Elements Artist Pigment and soft brush.
6.  Black ink pad.
My first step (no photo) was to fill my bezel with Jewelry Clay.  I then inked my rubber sheet with black ink and "stamped" my clay brooch into the area I wanted to work with.
 Here is what my clay surface looked like after I stamped it into the rubber sheet.
What I wanted was the circular patterns.  This allowed me now to place my crystals in a unique manner.
 I would not have been able to come up with this jewel placement on my own by placing crystals anywhere.  The black stamping gave me a pattern I could work with.
My final step was then to brush the powder over the entire surface.  My ink lines are no longer visible.  I allowed the powder to cure in place overnight and in the morning I brushed away the excess powder.

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Carol Briody said...

That is a GREAT! idea!! I often find myself hesitating to place the crystals into the clay, afraid I won't get the right spacing or that I might run out of room. This will eliminate the guess-work, sparing clay and crystals from ruin! Thank you!

Karen said...

You are so very creative, love this!!