Friday, March 28, 2014

Containing Resin With Bezel Wire - Part TWO

 I am getting very excited about these two new resin pieces I am working on.
 On yesterday's how-to post I showed you how I had poured my second layer of Jewelry Resin into my bezel wire shapes. 
 I allowed this layer of resin to cure overnight.  Note that I did not pour the resin right to the top of my enclosed shape.
Then I made a smaller batch of Jewelry Resin and did my third pour. This "doming" pour covers everything nicely and gives my bezel a beautiful glassy surface.
 When the your final pour is cured, you can peel the double-sided tape from the back side.  
(I have been asked why I used this double-sided tape.  It is very thick and allows me to really press the wire into it.  You can try this with other tapes as well, but in the past I have had wire that was not firmly positioned and the resin just flowed out the spots where the wire did not stay attached to the tape.)
 You will notice right away that all the tape adhesive is now embedded into the resin.  This is very sticky.  I now plan to carefully glaze the back with a fourth batch of resin.  
The results will appear in my next post!
 Here is a closer look at each pendant.  
Queen Elizabeth looks great!
 My odds and ends peice also turned out great.  My dried flowers are nicely visable.  I will have a better photo of this next time.
Here are both backs.  Before I glaze them with resin I may add some glitter or other markings.

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Debbie M. said...

This is wonderful, You are just so talented, I so enjoy these posts! Thank you!

Mary Hargrave said...

I have really enjoyed this and actually had just seen this wire at the hobby store...where do you get the tape and what is it called?

luluvision said...

They look great! I am definitely going to try the red line tape as I used packing tape before and there definitely was some resin leaking out!

Carmi Cimicata said...

Mary it was always called red-line tape. I do know Michaels has a version of it in the scrapbooking area. If you go to Amazon and search red-line or wonder tape you will see it in rolls and in sheets.

Carmi Cimicata said...

I tried packing tape is just too thin and there is nothing worse than a resin leak!

Diana Balot Frank said...

Wonder Tape by Ranger. I found the sheets on Amazon, too.