Friday, February 7, 2014

Clay Pendant Tiles with Jewelry Resin

 This necklace features a clay pendant tile that has been coloured several times.  I really like how my finished piece looks!
I made my clay tile with Jewelry Clay.  I coloured it with metallic rub-ons.  A sealing coat of Resin Spray was my final step.

 Since I have been working with the Jewelry Clay I have resumed my love of rubber stamping.  These stamps have been in my collection for years and this is the first time I have used them.
 I stamped my rubber into the rolled out clay and trimmed it to make this tile shape.  When the clay was cured I applied metallic wax rub-ons to colour it.
 These are the metallic rub-ons I use.
 My friend Nancy Donaldson is a wire wrapper.  I asked her to add some wire to my tile so it would look more polished.  The wire wrapping framed my piece and turned it into something easy to dangle.
 I took my new pendant to my stash of sari ribbons.  I wanted to see what colours would best accent this pendant.
 I was very attracted to the blues and felt they would look great together with the silver.
 I used simple jewelry making techniques to make my ribbon a necklace.
Once I attached the pendant with jump rings I decided my pendant tile needed a little more blue, so I added some additional highlighting.
When you make your own pendants they can become any colour you want by following these simple steps.

This post was designed, photographed and written by me.
It appeared on Resin Crafts Blog.


creativegoddess said...

I LOVE this!
Where did you find the silver elements that are on the ribbon holding the pendant? I would love to have some. :)

Carmi Cimicata said...

They are a specialty finding. You would need to know a store that sells them because John Bead does not sell directly to consumers.

Joelle Platz said...

Carmi- where do you find the metallic wax rub on product? I have looked at all the craft retailers in my area and can't find anything except the large single containers of Inka Gold and maybe 2-3 other colors. I would rather know a brand or company before I try to order something online that might not be what I'm looking for. I love the effect on several of your projects when you have used it. Also- I tried to find a Fiskar hand drill like the one you used on a previous post and could not find that style- only one shaped more like a small drill with a turn handle off to the side. I would really appreciate knowing where I might find one of those as well. Love, love, love your blog- and I have been just thrilled beyond words to be part of the resin time project!!
Thank you very much,
Joelle Platz

Carmi Cimicata said...

Hi Joelle, I bought mine from a Scrapbooking store that is no longer open. They were made by a company called Craf T, but I can't find them online. I do see these trays in online scrapbook stores though when I googled metallic rub ons and metallic wax rub ons. There are different companies out there that make them in a paste in tubes and jewelers have a high end option with a product called Gilder's Paste.