Friday, October 18, 2013

How To Make A Canvas Collage Wearable

This post is both a "how-to" and an announcement!
 Curry's, which is an Ontario, Canada known art supply store will be stocking Jewelry Clay!
This is my home-town art store, so I could not be happier.  Expect it on the shelves in about two weeks.
They already have the regular ETI resin product line but adding in the clay is new.
I have made a little project featuring a tiny canvas I bought in Currys last week.
I love collage and covered my board with a selection of tissue paper, paint and glitter.
 My finished piece was just what I wanted.  Now I needed Jewelry Clay to complete my idea.
 Jewelry Clay is easy to mix.  You use equal parts of both products included in your package.
 I made enough clay to create my faux frame around the mini canvas.  I simply pressed my clay in place.  Your open time with the clay is roughly two hours (depending on room temperature.)  
I usually make my clay when I need it and use it right away.
 A regular (but small) screw eye is all I needed to make my mini canvas a pendant.  I pressed it into the clay where it cured in place.
 I brushed Pearl-Ex metallic powder over all the exposed clay.  The powder also cures in place.
 Once all my clay was covered, I let my piece air-cure overnight.
Yes, AIR CURE - no kiln or oven required!  It could not be easier.
The gold powder will only cling to the clay, so in the morning I just brushed away the excess.
My collage is instantly wearable!
Wouldn't these make super gifts?
So happy to tell people they can now get our Jewelry Clay at Currys!

This post was designed, photographed and written by me.

It appeared on Resin Crafts Blog.


West Pine Creations said...

Wow another stunning piece.

Asia King (aka Joanna K) said...

Gorgeous and so creative! I'm been meaning to ask for ages... what is the size/diameter of the screw eyes you use? xx

Monica Lore said...

Lovely as always - sad to say, no Curry's in Ottawa!

sam john said...

I decided to create an alphabet art to hang in our home. I've seen so many cute prints on Pinterest that I finally gave in and bought myself a huge canvas to work on. :)
canvas prints canada