Wednesday, October 2, 2013

How to Make and then Use a Silicone Rubber Mold!

  This is the long awaited for bangle mold!
 When you make a mold, it is a good idea to make your first project in it a simple experiment.
In other words, don't plan to make something you need to wear to a special event tomorrow!
A new mold may have some dirt or paint chips from the the object you molded stuck to it...which will transfer to a fresh project.  Sometimes I trim my mold and a few of those pieces do (and did) fall into the mold and you don't notice them.
So in order to test the mold, I poured in any left over resin from other projects I had on the go last week.
 Here is me pushing the resin molded bangle out for the first time.  My molded piece is super curvy.  It is a little awkward to push out so I do this carefully so I don't damage my silicone mold.
 Tada...almost out of the mold!
 As you can see, I dropped layers of red, white and clear resin into the mold.  You can also see some of the blue silicone I trimmed...which did accidentally get into the resin.
At this stage, I want to ensure that the duplicate is correct and worthy of a new resin pour.  
It looks great!
I think I can do something with my experiment though!  
Stay tuned.
Need to do some sanding!

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Tiffany Strayhorn said...

Looks great! Awesome job!