Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Mold Making Redemption

 This post could be a story about the phoenix rising from the ashes......
 Earlier, I shared my mold making disaster images.  The bangle I was making a mold of floated away from the bottom of my container.  As you can see only half of it was still in Easy Mold.  This should have become the bottom of my mold.  I decided to see if it was worth keeping.
 After cleaning up the mold edges I poured in a fast batch of EasyCast.  HMMMM.  This molded bangle was still okay.
 So I reset yesterday with another batch of EasyCast resin.  
 I dropped buttons and glass glitter into the mold and filled it to the brim with resin.
 Who knew it would work?
Out of the mold I could see that I would need to do a little bit of sanding on these rough edges.
 When you sand, you dull the surface of resin.  You can make these rough lines magically disappear by just brushing another coat of resin right over it.
 The sanded edge is is gorgeous now!
 Finally, I sprayed a little Resin Spray over the whole bangle to make it a little shinier.
I am quite pleased with the mold I almost through away.
I am determined to make a mold of the original bangle though.  I'll report in about that later in the week as I make attempt two.

This post was designed, photographed and written by me.

It appeared on Resin Crafts Blog.


Nadiaher said...

Sublime, merci beaucoup.....

Anonymous said...

Cool bracelet. I like the buttons. Nice to know you can salvage what seems hopeless. Just out of curiosity, could you add another item to the cup and get two molds out of one batch of Easy Mold? For instance, a bracelet and a bangle for a necklace that you could embellish and cast at the same time.

Carmi said...

You could definitely mold more than one item in the cup... I didn't even think of doing that because I was so anxious to mold this huge bangle.

Jean said...

WELL WOW! I love it! xox jean