Monday, September 23, 2013

Mold Making Craftastrophy

 I made such a resin rookie mistake on the weekend.
Part of me is embarrassed.
Part of me says, great, now I have a teachable moment to share with our readers.
I decided to show you a little bit more about our EasyMold Silicone Rubber – Platinum Cure.   I have not shown you a rubber mold in a while and Silicone rubber is ideal when the object you want to make a mold of is big, like my bangle.
While crafting jewelry is something I do daily, I have not found a bangle mold that I like.  Then this wood bangle came into my possession.  It fits perfectly and I know I can have fun working with this shape.  
So I placed some double-sided tape at the bottom of my plastic tub to hold my bangle in placed and poured in the silicone rubber.

Here is what I used.
Overnight, my bangle floated to the top of the mold.  The double-sided tape was not strong enough to keep it on the bottom of my container.
 Luckily I was able to peel my bangle out.  I am going to see if this mold can be still useful. 
So I am back to square one and doing 
what I normally always recommend.

This post was designed, photographed and written by me.

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Lori Cyr said...

I was wondering about this when I saw your post yesterday. Thanks for sharing and clearing up the mystery:)

KeLLY aNN said...

Me too! I'm glad you were able to salvage the bracelet. I definitely wouldn't be embarrassed. I just made a rookie mistake with some plastic molds I use, and after spending an enormous amount of time sanding and buffing, realized I didn't take the outer mold off. And not only that, I didn't use mold release, so I have no way of getting the outside piece off without tearing the petals {flower mold} It was truly an "oy vei!" moment!