Thursday, August 1, 2013

Forest in a Bottle With Nunn Design

 I have a second "under the dome" sort of project today.
This "forest in a bottle" pendant is just so easy to make!
This is the glass keepsake I received several months ago from Nunn Design.
I knew I wanted to put something special in glass and tried dozens of different inclusions.
 While I was working on the ring for yesterday's post I realized I made a little too much Jewelry Clay.
 So I decided to just go ahead and make up a second terrarium-like wearable.  I pushed my clay into the glass as carefully as possible..  I tried to make sure the clay didn't touch any of the glass inside the bottle so it would remain clear.
 Using a teeny tiny brush, I coloured the clay with green Pearl Ex.  Now when you look into my miniature forest it looks like there is a grass bottom. I was careful to wipe the inside of the glass clean with a q-tip.
 Miniature trees were added after I inserted my little character into the bottle.
Here I am, waving you a hello!

This post was designed, photographed and written by me.

It appeared on Resin Crafts Blog.


Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

Ohh this is very cool.

Caro Dee said...

This is just adorable! I love this type of jewelry. Are the trees just fish tank decor? That's such a good idea!

Carmi said...

The trees are meant to be used by people who build trains and then design whole towns and sets for the trains to pass through.