Monday, June 24, 2013

The Good and The Bad Resin Pour

Let's begin with my successful 
resin pour!
Aren't these bezels gorgeous?
They just scream hot summer!
 The images I found in Paris this spring.  I discovered these sets of cute French stickers and bought several pads.  The sticker pads are appropriately titles "Mon Petit Art."
I was halfway done my project after simply placing the images into my bezels.  All I had to do was properly "seal" the paper (and for new resin users see the sidebar for "sealing info" posts).  
I sealed everything three times like I normally do.
The pink stickers are perfectly embedded in resin!  Not a stain at all.
So you can imagine my disappointment with the silver stickers I am about to share with you.
For some strange odd reason they buckled and stained.  Resin sometimes reminds you that it can be tricky.  Normally I do a small test before working with a new paper/surface.  Instead, I went from "great idea" to seven bad pieces in one pour.  A lesson for me is that metallic paper can be difficult to seal and to do a better job observing this in the future.

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DLSarmywife said...

The hot pink ones are gorgeous! And while I can see the spots you are referring to in the silver ones, I actually rather like them. I think the rippling just adds a bit of interest! :-)

Vitalija said...

The pink ones looks great :)

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Kathy Lindemer said...

Can you tell me how you insert a wire or hook if you want to make a pendant? Also, can you drill a whole for a charm?

Anonymous said...

I think they are great! I just love this blog and can't wait to try making some resin jewelry. The info you have is so useful and I love all the projects you have made! Thanks so much for the inspiration.

Sharon B. said...

They look great, Carmi.

As for the buckling and staining, could it have been dampness? How humid was it when you sealed them? (Silly, ME, asking the Queen of Resin, about dampness!)

Where I live (east coast), it gets hot and _very_ humid in the summer. My craft room (I have no right to call it a studio, LOL) is not air-conditioned, so I would never attempt something that requires bone-dryness unless I gave it a food dehydrator 'treatment' first.

::sigh:: I usually avoid my craft room in the summer!

kitty4940 said...

The pinks did turn out well. If you have any more of the silver to work with, you may want to try sealing them with clear packing tape - Kelly from Off the Beaded Path has a video on YouTube showing how to use the tape - no muss, no fuss, no waiting. :)