Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Jewelry Attitude and Jewelry Resin!

 My weekend resin projects were inspired!  I hope the picture of these one of a kind beads made you want to know more about how they were created!
 It is difficult to see, but I had a vintage necklace I was dying to break up for a newer project.  I also had a package of Jewelry Attitude which is printable jewelry film.  All you need to do is choose images you want to use, print them onto the film with an ink jet printer and then apply them to your jewelry piece with some glue from a classic glue stick.
 These beads are an odd shape and they are not flat.  The film clung to the beads beautifully.
 Then I glued some rhinestone chain to the edges.
My next step was to make a small batch of Jewelry Resin.
 I brushed on a glaze layer of jewelry resin.  This made sure my images and rhinestone would be permanently attached and now my colours just pop!
 I knew my resin might run off the bead since it didn't have a flat surface.  I was not worried.  Eight hour into the resin cure I just peeled the over-pour from the back side and then let the resin cure for an additional day. 
Doesn't the resin glaze finish these beautifully?  
Now all I need to do is restring this into a necklace!
If you are wondering about my images, I wanted you to know I do collect postcards.  These are the six most important art deco vintage cards in my collection and I keep them framed in my studio.

This post was designed, photographed and written by me.

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So fabulous , I cant believe how beautiful this necklace turned out. I never imagined the vintage necklace I sold you would look like this.
Beautiful creation of work .
Best Wishes From Pegsvintagejewellery On Etsy

Carole Lassak said...

I see in the picture where you're talking about coating the pieces with a glaze layer of resin, that you have used a small paint brush. My question: do you clean these brushes, if so how? Or, are they disposables? I'm using more and more resin, and loving it. Your blog is an inspiration. Thanks for all you share.

Carmi said...

Hi Carole, I don't make the attempt to wash out my brushes...I know some who do, but I just buy very cheap brushes at the dollar store and try to do a whole bunch of glazing with one brush. I also do know, that some of the cheap brushes can lose hair, so I am careful.

Jess Holmes said...

These are so beautiful! The colors would go so well with this new Pandora silver bracelet I just got as a gift. Do you sell these?